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With over twentyfive years’ experience and training in mindfulness and mindfulness based therapies, Ajay has spent his life exploring meditation and personal growth work. 

Ajay grew up in a family where both parents were practising therapists and this provided him with a rich environment for personal growth. He began working as a trainer, coach and mentor; progressing to offering counselling and psychotherapy. 

Ajay has worked with a wide range of clients from CEOs to prisoners. He worked with alcohol and drug users and ran men’s groups in a counselling agency before going into private practice to offer his work to the general public and to those interested in meditation and personal growth. 

Ajay is based in Fremantle and offers counselling services to the wider Perth metro area.

Training - Masters Degree & Mindfulness Therapies

  • Certified Hakomi Therapist: 4 years training in Hakomi, a Mindfulness Based Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Masters degree in Social Work (specialised in counselling)
  • Medicare status as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
  • Senior Counsellor (Past employment) at a drug and alcohol agency.
  • 11 years of training in a variety of holistic approaches to therapy and healing, including Tibetan, Chinese, Indian & Western modalities

Ajay has completed many years of training in mindfulness and mindfulness based therapies, studying with teachers for whom he has the greatest respect and gratitude for their influence. He trained in a number of different holistic modalities, before focussing on mindfulness based therapy. He brings the richness of this background to his counselling practice, offering powerful tools for change.

Ajay Hawkes

Accredited mental health social workerAjay Hawkes

Medicare rebates available

Fully accredited therapist with extensive experience in personal growth and mindfulness meditation.

Approach - Mindfulness, Somatic Therapies & Personal Growth

Ajay works in a very supportive way, creating a warm, safe space to resolve the issues that may be hindering your growth. He uses a range of evidence based approaches including:

  • Psychoeducation,
  • Strengths Based Counselling,
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (3rd wave CBT)
  • Mindfulness Based Somatic Psychotherapy

Ajay has found these approaches to be very effective in his own life as well as in his work with clients. For more detail see homepage.


  • Medicare rebates available
  • Self-referred
  • GP / Medicare
  • Specialist
  • Other Professionals


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