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Passionate about helping you to overcome the obstacles in your life, helping you to discover your joy and live your life to the full.


Ajay works with embodied mindfulness, helping you to safely resolve past experiences. Using simple yet powerful tools, you can change your limiting beliefs. Past experiences and traumas are held in our bodies and our emotions, as well as our thoughts and our beliefs.  Through counselling, we can access your innate intelligence and, using mindfulness, we can unlock your old beliefs and patterns. Safely bringing painful experiences to resolution, you can open up new horizons. This leads to a sense of freedom and expansion, to new possibilities in life.

With over twenty years training and experience in mindfulness and counselling, Ajay has spent his life diving deeply into meditation and personal growth. He brings the richness of this background to his counselling practice, offering powerful tools for change.

Ajay is an experienced and qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, holding a Masters degree in Social Work. He has Medicare recognised status as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. Based in Fremantle, and servicing the wider Perth metro area, Ajay creates a warm safe space to resolve the obstacles to your growth, supporting you to live your life to the full.

Specialising in:

  • Personal Growth
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationships & more

Using mindfulness we can realise our full potential as people.


Tailoring a session to your needs, Ajay uses a range of proven counselling techniques to support you in your life. This can mean brief therapy, psychological education, or in depth psychotherapy. Often emotions and events can seem overwhelming or we can feel stuck and unable to see a way forward. In brief therapy Ajay will show you tools that you can use in daily life to help with challenging situations and emotions. We will also look at your core beliefs, for instance “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never get what I need or want in life” and learn to change them to more supportive beliefs. Using simple mindfulness techniques, we can gain a lot of clarity and the ability to harness our emotional responses in a useful way rather than feeling swamped by them. This allows us to move through life with more ease and joy.


“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness helps us to stay centred and grounded in challenging situations, so that we get less triggered. This helps us enormously as then we can find much better ways of responding to life’s challenges. Mindfulness can be easily learned through counselling as a day to day coping strategy, as well as explored in more depth through meditation classes. Movement practices such as Tai Chi and Yoga can be an easy way into mindfulness for people who find the idea of sitting still for long periods challenging, and they have the added bonus of  looking after your physical health! Ajay has a strong interest in the relationship between physical health and mental health and he encourages people to look after both. It is easy to support your counselling with classes in Yoga, Meditation  or Tai Chi since Fremantle and Perth have such an abundance of these modalities on offer.


For those interested in psychotherapy we are likely to start by learning some coping strategies (similar to brief therapy above) to give some immediate help and relief from the stresses of life. Then we will work deeply on how core beliefs have been formed and how to change them. These beliefs have probably been held since early childhood. The beauty of working with mindfulness and somatically (experiences felt in the body) is that we do not have to painfully relive past events or tell our whole life story to resolve things. Instead, we can safely get in touch with wounded parts of ourselves and with unresolved experiences. We do this by finding how they are held in the mind, body and emotions NOW, in the present.

Cutting edge psychological research shows that we hold trauma and negative past experiences in our bodies (somatically) and that mindfulness and somatic therapy can be helpful to resolve these experiences. This research underlies Hakomi psychotherapy which Ajay is trained in, attending over two years of in depth training in Perth. Hakomi is a mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy.

So what is somatic psychotherapy? In body centred or somatic psychotherapy, we will talk about what is happening in your life now that you find difficult, and how you feel it in your body now. Perhaps life is stressful and you feel that as a tension in your shoulders. Since we hold our past in our body and emotions, this felt sense can help us to access past experiences that are still affecting us now. We can find out what limiting beliefs were created by these experiences and how that feels.  When we experience our limiting beliefs in a felt way, as well as intellectually, it goes much deeper. We can see how those beliefs have been shaping our lives in a certain way. We can find out where the belief originated from and what it was in our lives that created it. Perhaps something was missing, maybe as children we didn’t feel safe, or loved or that our needs would be met, or that we were good enough.  We can change the belief by using mindfulness and therapeutic tools to actually experience what was missing. To know how it feels to be safe, to be loved, to have our needs met and to know that we are good enough, simply as we are. That can feel like a huge relief and something we have wanted our whole lives, often without even knowing it! Then we go out into the world with new information and a new understanding of ourselves. Our core beliefs change. When we feel differently about ourselves, we can also see events and other people with more clarity. That clarity helps us to make better decisions, to act in new and more useful ways. When our actions change, our life changes and we tend to feel more nourished and satisfied by life, to finally be able to relax and feel fulfilled by events.


  • Grounded in leading research and training
  • Learn powerful tools for change
  • Understand the role of emotions
  • Develop emotional awareness
  • Understand your past experiences
  • Discover your limiting core beliefs
  • Develop new, supportive beliefs
  • Act with more insight and clarity
  • Feel more nourished and fulfilled
  • Live a more joyful life

Medicare Rebates Available

Ajay Hawkes, Mindfulness Counsellor, Perth and Fremantle

Ajay Hawkesaccredited mental health social worker
BA Hons

Medicare rebates available.

Fully accredited therapist with extensive experience in personal growth and mindfulness meditation.

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